Friday, May 11, 2012

introducing ... the gold start initiative!

remember the days of gold star charts? usually employed in elementary school - and sometimes at home to reward chores & homework being done on time - the visual impact of having a line of pretty sparkly gold stars after your name has some effect that just makes you want to earn MORE!

in the same spirit of the gold star charts of yesteryear, we are employing a similar "program" if you will. call it a frequent buyer program, virtual punch card, customer rewards, etc, our GSI (gold star initiative) will reward you in more ways than just discounts, free merchandise/product, and a virtual pat on the back ...

to kick off our GSI, five gold stars will be placed at random on the goods we'll have at Venue this coming Sunday (and the 20th & 27th as well). once you've searched and found your very own gold star, you will not only get a coupon code for 25% off your next purchase, but you'll earn 2 stars for the purchase value! (the 25% off offer valid only to stars found on goods purchased at Venue in May).

how it works: we'll keep track of your stars for you, so don't worry! each purchase (unless otherwise noted) will earn you a star. once you collect 10 stars, we'll average the purchase value (before tax & shipping) and you'll get that amount off your next purchase! what?! yep, you heard it right.

and don't worry, if you've already purchased from us, those purchases count!! just let us know that you want to start with the GSI and we'll send you an email with all the details and your virtual punch card!

happy hunting!

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